Bill Payment: Maximus administers your bills and arranges payments. All bills will be paid as they are received.

Housekeeping: Through a rigorous selection process Maximus carefully chooses competent and reliable personnel to handle the cleaning and maintenance of your home. The persons selected will be trained specifically according to your preferences.

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Grocery Shopping: Maximus personalizes your grocery list. We will do the shopping, deliver and organize the groceries in your kitchen.

Flower Arrangements: Maximus takes care of all flower arrangements according to your preferences.

Organization of Closets, Kitchen, Bathroom and Home Office: Maximus professionally organizes your clothes, kitchen/pantry, bathroom accessories, and office supplies. You will be surprised how much space you can save and how much easier it will be to find things!

Suitcase Packing/Unpacking Assistance: Maximus provides a professional unpacking service upon your arrival in Miami. After a short or long trip you deserve to be able to immediately start enjoying all the wonderful options that this beautiful city offers or simply rest and relax. Upon leaving Miami we can also help to pack your suitcases. All you have to do is tell us what you would like to take on your trip.

Dry Cleaning (Pick-Up and Drop-Off): Maximus selects a competent dry cleaner and arranges for pick-up and delivery of your dry cleaning.

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Car Maintenance: A Car Maintenance Package includes regular car starting, car wash, fill up of gas tank, and taking car for servicing.

Administration of Repairs: In case Maximus identifies any issue regarding functionality of any equipment, you will be informed immediately. We will address the issues upon your approval.

Administration of Renovations: Maximus coordinates all renovation processes with a selected Interior Designer and maintains constant communication with you to ensure that services are being performed according to your expectations.

Administration of Landscaping: Maximus will hire a professional company to create or maintain landscaping to your specifications.

Administration of Pool Services: Maximus will hire a professional company to provide pool services.

Inspection Visits: Maximus performs a periodic inspection visits to your property. If we identify any item or equipment needing repair you will be promptly informed and presented with a suggested plan of action. Maximus will take care of any issue immediately upon your approval. A full report will be sent to you after each Inspection Visit.

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